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babo compared to conventional bleached tissue paper


Main raw material

Characteristics of raw

Characteristics of process

babo unbleached tissue


100% natural bamboo fiber
pulp, unbleached

Bamboo fiber contains natural
bamboo quinone, which has
anti-bacterial and anti mite

No bleaching process, no
bleaching chemicals, no
Green products, clean and
environmental protection
production process

Conventional white tissue


Bleached wood pulp,
bleached bamboo mixed
pulp, or other recycled pulp

Other fibers have no such
characteristics (relevant
materials are not collected)

There is bleaching process,
and bleaching chemicals
need to be added, AOX in
paper ≤ 2mg/kg (standard

Product characteristics

Light natural bamboo scent.
The product has anti-bacterial
property and the antibacterial
rate against E.coli is more
than 50%.
Good paper tension and
toughness, no dusts or
powder when torn

No natural scent

Antibacterial rate against
E.coli is less than 50%

Relatively lower than
bamboo paper overall


strength of the paper

100% bamboo

no particle dust when torn



all-natural&environmentally friendly

no holes or impurities

perfect consistency

superior water absorption&strength

naturally anti bacterial


I want to introduce you to Babo, the paper for the planet, for the future. As you can see this is a bamboo pulp, uncolored

paper. This paper does not contain any bleaching or fluorescent agents, just the raw color of natural bamboo. I encourage you to smell this product, even its scent is all natural and chemical-free. Even better, the thickness of our bamboo weave is 19-21 mm, so it does not emit any fiber particles when broken. Our bamboo also contains the compound called “bamboo quinone”, a natural anti-bacterial agent, making the paper healthier and safer to use for all households. This paper can be used in so many ways: hygiene purpose, wrap foods and fruit, used for tableware,

wipes, as well as its more obvious functions….


The Non-GMO Project

Forest Stewardship Council certification

SGS certification