Frequently asked questions

Why is the color of the paper tan

Because our entire manufacturing process utilizes all natural bamboo with no bleaches or dyes. The tan color comes from the center shoot of the bamboo when it is cut. Most toilet paper on the market contains bleach and fluorescent whitening agents.

Why is the paper darker than other natural papers

The color of our paper is the exact color of the inner wall of our bamboo. When bamboo is cut, although the outer wall is green, the inner wall is the same natural tan as our paper. Other natural papers are often combined with straw to mimic a similar natural texture.

What is the scent of your paper

Our scent is the all-natural, genuine scent of all-natural bamboo. It is fresh and contains absolutely no harmful additives!

How can Babo products be used in daily life

Babo products have passed the tests by the US FDA and EU AP. They are approved for countless uses for everyday life such as wiping fresh fruits, cleaning tableware, wrapping food, cleaning up spills, bathroom and toilet paper, napkins, facial tissue, and so much more. The product’s strength and superior water absorption make it perfect to use as wet wipes as well. Because of its natural and non-irritating fiber, Babo paper is perfect for people with allergy sensitivities.

How can I buy babo paper at a lower price?

1. Register your account on our website and join our babo family. 2. Once you become our babo family member, you will receive 5% off every order.

What are my benefits as a babo family member?

1. Babo family member: 5% off every order 2. Premium family member: 10% off every order 3. Every December each premium member will receive a 20% off discount code through email 4. Refer a friend and the babo family member will receive a $5 off coupon.

How do I get free shipping

We provide free shipping for our premium customers in the contiguous US. <gdiv></gdiv>

Are all of your products BPA free?

Yes, we do not use any bleaching or harsh chemicals during our manufacturing process.

Do you have third-party test reports?

Yes, we've passed the quality tests by SGS lab which complies with AP and FDA standards.

Is your babo toilet paper septic safe?

Yes, when our toilet paper is being flushed to the draine system, it will start to breakdown. Here is what it looks like when stiring in the water for 40 seconds.

It says septic safe on the toilet paper packaging, do you have any test regarding that?

Yes, we do have test report on the dispersibility of our toilet rolls. (report attached) This test was conducted by SGS in its Laboratory as per the Standard GBT20810-2018. Test method as below: "Fill the cylinder with tap water to make the water in the cylinder reach 5L. Open the compressed air, set the pressure to 0.1MPa and the air flow rate to 0.1MPa 10 L / min to make the air bubble flow into the water evenly from the air hole. Start the rotor and set the rotor speed at 350 R / min. after the vortex in the cylinder is stable, the height from the water surface to the bottom of the vortex is about one third of the total height of the water surface in the cylinder. Set the test time as 40 s, put the sample into the center of the vortex in the cylinder, ensure that the paper surface is vertical to the horizontal plane, and start timing at the same time. After 40 s, turn off the motor and stop ventilation. Observe whether the sample in the cylinder is dispersed. If one or more pieces appear, the dispersibility of the sample is qualified, otherwise it is judged as unqualified."