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The 2018 Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Conference took place in Brussels, Belgium on 28th-Nov-2018.

BABO was invited to attend the event to share our belief and value on sustainable development.

"Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant which can grow from 2.5 feet per day and is fully matured in just 3-4 months, the bamboo we use for tissue production are usually 2-3 years old, the most amazing part is that after being cut down, it can still grow and to be harvested again."

--- Ms. Shen President of BABO

People were showing great interest in our product, we are already working on some plans to bring our products to the European customers. With the first appearance on G-Stic, we’ve seen the great potential in the world for the demand of sustainable products and will work with the pioneers of industry to make more contribution to our mother earth.

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